INFP Personality type.
Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving.

INFPs are the flower children of the personality types. They view the world through rose-coloured glasses and never lose their sense of wonder. As children INFPs will live in both the fantasy and the real world, switching back and forth effortlessly, to the dismay of their parents. Their imaginations are vast and it is the NF children whose toys come to life and who have imaginary friends to play with. INFPs will see the good in anyone and as children are the ones most likely to fall into dangerous situations because of this. Parents should recognize these behavioural patterns early on and teach the INFP child accordingly.

INFPs have deep emotions which are often hidden until a circumstance reveals them; they should aim to be exposed to several different situations so they can get to know themselves better. Such abstract thinking is related to the prefrontal cortex and suggests that INFPs have deeper emotions then most. Some INFPs claim that everything has a "soul", animals and humans alike.

Although they view the world in a joyous manner, INFPs are not exempt from feeling down at times; they struggle to maintain ethical perfection and will feel as if they failed when they are being anything less then "perfect" in the humanitarian sense. An INFP views their conflicts as being on a grander scale relating to all situations not simply in the moment, but looking at all of life as Good vs. Evil. INFPs believe that good always triumphs over evil and will want to spread this message to anyone who will listen. An INFP lives mostly in their inner mind where ideals triumph over the "real" world. INFPs view the good deeds they strive to accomplish as a blow to the whole "Evil" in humanity, and the feelings of satisfaction they get from doing something good are only secondary to the thought that they held their own in the fight for Good vs. Evil.

As an F type, INFPs always have a sense of other-worldliness about them and are often caught day-dreaming. Career paths for INFPs are those where they can express their idealism at will; many writers and poets are INFPs as well as teachers.

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